Take a Shower With Your Partner

Taking a shower with your partner can be a great way for you to spice up your sex life and of course relationship by making it a regular event or an occasional event.

Regular when you shower or take a bath together at the end of the week on Friday or occasional once a month to spice up your activity to not only get clean together but also sweaty as you make your way to the bedroom later in the night.

When you take a shower with your partner not only does this bring you closer together but it also offers new excitement to your relationship with the many ways you can spice up your sexual activity together in the shower.

With that said, I want to offer you some suggestions of what you can do if you decide to take a shower with your partner covering what you can do for them in the shower and how you can actually create a romantic setting starting with a shower or a bath.

The First Time You Take a Shower With Your Partner

Most people who take a shower with their partner find themselves in this position at random. This is usually when their showering to only find their partner sneaking into their shower session which leads to sexual engagement.

Sexual engagement where two parties feel one another up, kiss, snog and even have sexual intercourse in the shower which later leads to the bedroom.

This is what I call a random event because only one partner is sneaking into their lover shower. However, after a random event like this happens with both partners happy this can become pre-planned events going forward.

Pre-planned events where you not only shower together at the end of the week or once a month to add excitement to your relationship but also before you go out on a date or a night out.

Pre-planned Events

Let’s say you and your lover are set to go out to watch a live show, go on a night out with friends or even going out for a romantic dinner for two. Before you go out you can shower or take a bath together which includes having sexual intercourse.

The first time you intercourse in the shower can be casual vanilla sex and if your lover is open-minded where they’re into anal sex, you can prepare them for a later session after you return home from your night out.

For example,

After you have sexual intercourse in the shower the vanilla way, you can then insert sex toys into your lover like butt plugs that can be inserted into the rectum of your lover or their couch. This will keep them nice and lose for penetration later on in the night and of course, make your lover horny knowing they’ll be getting some more action later on in the night.

You can even use accessories lying around the bathing area as sex toys like the shower handle, for example.

Shower handle Used For Delivering Sexual Pleasure

The shower area is like a female domain for sexual pleasure because most women pleasure themselves in the shower with their own sex toys in private.

These private sessions usually include a suction dildo that women apply to the shower wall or glass followed by bouncing on and off the suction dildo for the pleasure of being penetrated.

However, women have a secret and that is women love using their shower handle for the purpose of sexual pleasure using it as a vibrator in private.

Yes, millions of women love playing with their shower handle in the shower or the bath using it for the purpose of pressing the fast paste water against their clitoris which causes them to experience a vibration effect.

Men can learn from this and use the shower handle on their partner to deliver this effect that women love. You can use a shower handle on women in the shower and in the bath but I would recommend doing so in the bath for extra comfort if you have a shower handle that can reach low enough.

The end result of all of this will reap you excitement and a new way to spice up your sex life and relationship as you bond together in the bathing area.

An Invitation to The Hot Seat

Have you ever showered or taken a bath with your partner, if so what was your experience like and did it spice up your sex life and relationship together?

Feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience on how pleasurable it was and why you would recommend it to others.



Meeting Singles Online For Sexual Action

Meeting singles online is a great way to not only make new social contacts from networking and linking up but also a great way to make sexual contacts if you find a lover who is into the same interests as yourself.

Now online networking and dating is fun especially in my experience because I’ve been using hook-up websites for over 4 years and with confidence and conviction, I know you can meet some great people online and of course, great lovers but unfortunately this doesn’t mean negatives don’t follow the excitement of meeting singles online.


Negatives revolving around dangers you have to be aware of to prevent corrupt dating websites from draining you financially without delivering effective results and predators online who try and play on your emotions usually for the purpose of exploiting you financially.

With that said, I’m going to reveal the best platform I’ve used for over four years that I know delivers effective results and I’m also going to interlink this page to a post revealing the clever strategy corrupt dating websites employ and rely on to exploit you financially so you become informed and protected from their corruption going forward.

Meeting Singles Online

In my experience, when you want to find a platform that can help you network with others to make social connections or sexual connections the best approach is to always use hook-up websites that have been around for long periods of time shunning the younger websites.

The reason being is due to younger dating websites being at a disadvantage where they’ve had less time to brand out and attract a large enough audience of real members so to fill in the short supply they dominate their platforms with fake profiles of attractive members.

This misleads legit members who believe they’re talking to real people when in reality it’s an employee employed by the company website or a bot system sending a message with an attractive profile attached in the attempt to get you to subscribe because you can’t message on most dating websites unless you’re a paying customer.

Passion.com is a dating website that’s been around for over 20 years and in my experience, their platform is the most effective at delivering results.


Passion.com hosts a lot of members who hold a variety of interests with some looking for lovers and others who are actual couples wanting to find a third party.

It’s a platform hosting all walks of life with many of the members being open minded and very revealing in what they want so anyone can find their perfect match.

I advise you to check out some reviews on this platform with a Google search because currently I’ve not created a review myself which I intend to at a later date so for now you can find reviews online which will help you better understand their platform written by actual members.

More websites do exist which I’m currently investigating so you can expect this post to be updated as time progresses. shortly, I will be interlinking this page to that post I promised once I publish the content revealing the strategy deceptive and manipulative websites employ so bare with me.

Anyway, if you have any questions then feel free to leave me a comment or even better send me an email and I’ll be more then happy to help you further.



Email: Sam@embracesexualfreedom.com

Meet Transgender Women For a Date

Over the past seven years since around 2010 Transgender people have become popular in the Media usually when social politics are being discussed.

Due to this, it’s made transgender people appear like millions of them exist internationally but the reality is transgender people regardless if they’re MTF or FTM are actually very rare.

In fact, they don’t even make up 1% of the world population as a collective.

However, even with such a rare limited population, many people want to associate with them as friends, friends with benefits or even lovers they want to date but don’t know where to find transgender people to break the ice and establish some common ground.

This is where I come in.

Meet Transgender Women at Events or on Platforms

The best place to meet transgender people in the past and even today is at community events that serve the audience of transgenders.

This could be at nightclubs hosting transgender events or events like the LGBT parades where open-minded people can be found.

On the other hand, a second alternative would be online communities where you can network with transgenders to establish some common ground with them that can later lead to a link up between two parties.

Unfortunately, finding the right community website is difficult because a lot of the creators of these platforms try and charge hidden fees like charging £1.00 to simply see photos even when you’re a premium member meaning they’re trying to exploit you with upsells.

Fortunately, they’re not all like this so finding the platforms that are legit and straightforward is one of the best ways to reach out and make transgender connections.

Meet Transgender Women With No Upsells Attached

So after researching a few websites such as findashemalelover.com, Trans4dates.com, and even Tdates.co.uk etc. I can confirm that the best so far would be Tdates.co.uk.


The reason being is because I’ve set up accounts on all three of these platforms and I have networked with a few transgender women from a variety of regions.

In my experience, Tdates.co.uk is by far the best option when you’re looking to network and when you’re looking to secure dates moving forward.

The others seem to use dating as a way to draw new members in for the purpose of having them pay for webcam shows which isn’t what I want to promote to my audience here because it doesn’t help you make connections which is my intention.

I will be researching more websites going forward to provide you with the best platforms online so bare with me and expect this page to be updated going forward.



Email: Sam@embracesexualfreedom.com

Porn and Shemales The Deception

Did you know when most men think about shemales they immediately think about shemale porn and they always seem to believe that shemales are all horny bed hoppers willing to put out without much effort to court them?

The reason for this is due to the pornographic industry painting transgender women in a negative light and the fact that most men have never actually met and socially engaged with a transgender woman so their only access to them is from watching pornographic material online.

This not only offends transgender women but also reveals that most men don’t realize that transgender women are not the same product made up of the same ingredients. In fact, there are four types of transgender women such as:

  • Transgender women who live normal working lives.
  • Transgender women who are pornstars.
  • Transgender women who are escorts.
  • Transgender women who are sissy boys.

Understanding their differences is crucial if you ever wanted to meet and socially interact with a transgender woman so you don’t offend them by treating them like they’re a sexual fetish which a lot of ignorant men do according to a lot of transgender women online.

So below I’ve covered the four types for you in great detail explaining how they behave and even how they expect to be treated when socially interacting with others starting with transgender women who live normal working lives.

Transgender Women Living Normal Lives

Most transgender women you meet in real life will fit into this category where they live normal lives just like genetic women do with the only difference being they’ve transition from male to female to live their life as a woman.

These transgender women have had a hard life before they became women because sadly most transgender people top themselves at a young age because they feel they were born in the wrong body.

The transgender women who progress forward and transition show a great deal of self-confidence in themselves because their bigger battle is an emotional one that they have to overcome to avoid suicidal thoughts.

Some of them have support while others actually rely on their own emotional support before they transition to feel comfortable with themselves as their body now reflects their mind and feelings.

These transgender women work in all sorts of professions that don’t involve the sex industry and like women, they don’t want to be seen as sex objects and they do expect to be treated with respect and appreciation as individuals.

The Big Mistake to Avoid When Interacting With T-Girls

Men who mistake a passable transgender woman often make the mistake of insulting these women in conversation usually in the delivery of a request once they find out their transgender.

For example,

Many transgender women online offer stories where they’ve revealed they’re transgender to a man who’s been hitting on them to only be met with a response such as “Can I see your genitals”.

This is an instant insult to transgender women because now you’re treating them like a sex object making yourself appear like you have a fetish for them.

When interacting with these women the right way to interact is to try and build a bridge with them seeing can you find some common ground that doesn’t revolve around anything sexual. At the same time don’t just expect they’ll sleep with you hours after they’ve just met you.

Shemales Invested In Porn

Shemale and tranny are porn terms referring to transgender women who engage in porn but calling the category of transgender women who live normal lives shemales or trannies is highly offensive to them.

However, being called a Shemale or a tranny isn’t as offensive to transgender women who engage in porn because they understand it’s what the category highlights them as when you view pornographic websites. So in a nutshell, it’s just part of the job.

Now most shemales you view in porn usually get involved when a worker in the industry offers them a scene and from here if the audience responds positively to them they carry on selling their sexual services on camera. However, most are hesitant at first.

For example, 

A popular shemale called Aubrey Kate is one of the biggest names in the American shemale porn industry right now and she, when offered a scene shunned the idea at first but as time progressed with more offers coming in, she one day turned around and said: “You know what…let’s do it”.

This led Aubrey Kate to start filming in the last week of July 2013 and her only reason for not getting involved sooner was due to her not feeling happy with herself with claims she was very self-conscious according to Aubrey Kate said in an interview.

These transgender women are just like the women described in category one with the only difference being their line of work so they still want to be respected and appreciated as individuals.

Escort Transgender Women

Transgender women who get involved with the escort business do so because they’re businesswomen who understand there is a huge market for shemale sexual services.

Being an attractive transgender woman after taking hormones while being willing to sell their sexual services to potential clients is all they need to get started making it an easy business to get into for any transgender woman.

These escorts can be found on the back page where they advertise and promote their services to potential clients.

Your usual advertisement has a photo of them, a description of where they are regarding the region, how you can come and see them, the services they offer and for some an uploaded video of them performing sex or showing their body and genitals off. However…

The Trouble Of Being a Transgender Escort

The business of being an escort as a transgender woman is tough because a lot of first-time clients who contact them have a habit of backing out at the last minute and rescheduling and some clients agree to a time they’ll arrive but never turn up and most never call back again.

This wastes time for escorts who pamper themselves before their client arrives making having a consistent flow of business difficult for many of them especially when they’re constantly on the move.

On the other hand, some escorts have a client list which is their regulars who visit them weekly or monthly giving them a consistent flow of business and a consistent flow of calculatable revenue.

Like shemales in the porn profession, these escort transgender women also want to be respected and appreciated as individuals making the only difference being their profession once again.

The Mystery Of Sissy Boys

Transgender women who are known as sissy boys are the most mysterious type of transgender because sissy boys want to be seen as sex objects and even be insulted because they’re dominated by their sexual pleasure for being humiliated.

Sissy boys go to extream lengths to be feminine and submissive like if they can’t afford the operation to change their genitals they instead go to extream lengths to shrink their genitals.

They do this by humping their pillow or floor for long periods of time during the day to ensure their penis shrinks and even wear male chastity devices to lock off their access to sexually releasing themselves.

Before sissy boys transition, they’re already dominated by their submissive nature and they usually don’t consider becoming females until they discovery hypnosis porn which is the trigger that subconsciously changes them forever as the hypnosis contents brainwash them over a long period of time.

Sissy Boys Goal and Sexual Activity

A lot of sissy boys want to be pornstars and a lot of them want to be considered to be the dirties online where they’re up for any sex act that results in them being dominated like a woman.

They are total bottoms who never play with their genitals only their anus performing any sexual act like a female would regardless if it’s self-service or service with a party they will only accept being dominated and never will they go on top as the dominator.

When they release themselves they’re toying with their anus using a dildo to penetrate their bottom and once they’re trained well enough they can experience an orgasm known as a ruined orgasm when locked in chastity.

It’s difficult to determine if Sissy boys want respect and appreciation because the more you humiliate them and dominate them results in the more they get off to it. The fact is they love being sex objects and degraded making them very rare in the world of transgender women.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Are you a transgender woman who can relate to these four categories presented or a man who has learned a lot from this post?

Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below.

Finding Pegging Partners Today

Finding Pegging partners had always been difficult in the past when the internet didn’t exist but since the manifestation of the internet, the world has gotten a whole lot smaller.

Smaller to the point where connecting and sharing our sexual interests with others has been made a whole lot easier when we can use platforms to help us come together and make contacts with others who are open-minded to specific sexual activities.

These platforms I’m referring to are what you call hook-up websites but not just websites dedicated to bringing heterosexual potential couples together because we also have websites dedicated to pegging where entire communities exist when you know where to look.

This is where I come in.

Finding Pegging Partners

If you’re a serious man or woman really interested in finding pegging contacts then I can help you by directing you to the most effective community websites online.

This offer is only for those who are actually serious about finding partners and not for those who actually don’t intend to act on their sexual intentions because you would just be wasting potential contacts time.

With that said, to my knowledge I’m aware of three websites dedicated to matching the perfect couples up who are interested in femdom specifically for the sexual act of pegging such as:




I’m aware of more websites helping you find pegging partners and contacts but I’m currently still reviewing and testing them.

I follow a strict rule when recommending services or products such as they must all be tested before I encourage and direct others to check them out and give them a chance.

This way you won’t be misled and I won’t experience a backlash for recommending false leads. With that said, you can expect this page to be updated over time.

Feel free to contact me for more information on these websites or for any questions you may have revolving around pegging and I will be more than happy to answer them all.



Email: Sam@embracesexualfreedom.com

Why Do Straight Guys Like Shemales?

Shemales also known as transgender women have become hugely popular in recent years leaving many to question why do straight guys like shemales?

A strong indicator signaling the rise in popularity for transgender women can be found with the obvious interest in shemale porn found on pornographic websites.

Shemale porn where you can expect to find 10s of thousands of views per scene clearly displaying a large audience is tuned in to transgender women out of curiosity or sexual interest.

In the past, this was never the case when the internet wasn’t around because shemale porn also known as tranny porn was very rare to find in porn stores back in the day.

However, since the innovation and growth of the internet the interest and the consistent growth of curiosity has grown rapidly for transgender women leading to many straight men now showing interest on a large scale internationally.

With that said.

Why Do Straight Guys Like Shemales So Much?

Males regardless if they’re heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual all have one thing in common and that is they’re all visual creatures consciously and subconsciously.

Visual in regards to the way males perceive their surroundings regardless if they’re viewing their environment or the social activity going on around them. So why do straight guys like shemales, you ask?

It’s because transgender women display visual feminine characteristics that attract male attention which could be attention where men find them physically attractive or attention where they find transgender women sexually attractive.

How the Male Mind Observes Femininity With Three Lenses

Femininity regarding character covers three areas such as physical characteristics, functional characteristics and operational characteristics making up the character traits of a female.

When straight males are viewing a passable transgender woman who displays female traits they’re seeing them through the lens of their physical characteristics at first glance and observation and men naturally see physical characteristics such as:

  • Soft skin.
  • Feminine facial features.
  • Long hair.
  • Female breasts.
  • Feminine legs.
  • Feminine bottom.
  • Feminine dress sense.

These observation intakes are what makes passable transgender women deceptive to the male mind when they’re really feminine and passable which is why they can influence aware and unaware males to perceive them as being physically or sexually attractive.

Lens 2 Perspectives: Functional Characteristics

The functional characteristics transgender women display is the second lens men naturally look through as men observe their body language making postures their main focus and this is done subconsciously at first.

They observe body language such as how transgender women sit like ankle crossing their legs which is a feminine posture and even how transgender women walk once they learn feminine behaviors over a long conditioning process.

Transgender women develop feminine postures over time from observing genetic women and from emulating genetic women.

This results in transgender women developing feminine habits that become subconsciously programmed and these habits are what males are observing and are finding attractive just like they find them attractive on genetic women.

Lens 3 Perspectives: Operational Characteristics

Operational characteristics revolve around how you’re wired reflecting how you naturally operate as an individual like how you project and promote your personality and how you naturally interact with others socially.

Feminine personalities and Masculine personalities are the complete opposite so the way males and females host their personality will reflect how they interact with others. For example,

Females when they greet one another usually hug each other to show respect but men usually shake hands. The difference in how they interact displays a huge difference in Gender personality.

Transgender women emulate women so they would hug you like an actual woman would instead of shaking your hand.

When men are in close contact with a transgender woman hugging them they will not only sense femininity from them regarding energy but they will also smell and feel femininity as soft skin is pressed against them and if these women are wearing a feminine perfume which reflects their personality.

The male mind intakes all of this when in close contact with genetic women and transgender women which is all processed in their mind determining if they like and find them attractive as a final result but…

Open Minded Males Compared To Small Minded Males

Small minded males can find transgender women attractive physically, functionally, operationally and sexually.

However, this is when they’re unaware that these transgender women are not genetic females so when they find out they lose their attraction and for some even feel repulsed with themselves.

Repulsed because they believe they’ve just considered another man attractive when they were deceived by their own visual nature of perceiving feminine traits on a transgender woman. This is the result of insecure and small-minded men. On the other hand…

The Open Minded Males

Open minded males who may be unaware at first won’t feel repulsed in any way when they do find out the women they find attractive are actually transgender.

In fact, they will actually be amazed at how a male to female transgender could be so attractive physically and sexually.

These are the types of males who are a large part of the audience viewing shemale porn online and for some the actual males who sexually engage with transgender women.

The Sexual Fetish Or Love For Transgender Women

The men into shemale porn who masturbate over shemales usually feel shame after they unload because their shemale porn interest revolves around a fetish but this shame only lasts until they get horny again so some insecurities are still present.

Other open-minded males become so attracted to transgender women that they act out on their intentions to sleep with one usually by hiring an escort but in a lot of cases fall back on actually meeting them according to shemale escorts who claim they usually keep rescheduling or some never call back.

On the other hand, you have a smaller audience of open-minded men who are obsessed with shemales where they exclusively date them who can be found on transgender dating websites or anywhere transgenders can be found to their knowledge. Oddly, these men are usually called tranny chasers but these are the men who like them the most.

Open Minded Males Sexuality

A lot of people confuse men into transgender women and shemale porn as being Homosexual or Bi-sexual.

This is usually due to a lot of people making these remarks being ignorant of what sexuality is because none of them are Homosexual in any way.

The men who masturbate over shemale porn are straight males who at times have a tendency to be bi-curious.

The men who attempt to act on their sexual interest for transgender women are the same because they’re straight but are also bi-curious who unfortunately suffer from a purge that pushes them away from exploring and experimenting with transgender women.

The men who actively pursue transgender women and exclusively date them are bi-curious but very close to being bisexual. The fact is the men in relationships with transgender women are not attracted to men they’re attracted to the female body and they believe a transgender woman is a real woman.

Their bicurious tendency is present due to their partner having male genitals but this still doesn’t make them homosexual because they would never consider dating another man who is not transgender and feminine so their interest in the male genitals being present is simply due to a fetish they have.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Have you ever experimented with a transgender woman or are you a transgender woman who was curious to know why straight males like you?

Feel free to share your thoughts about this post and your own experiences in the comment section below.

The Extream Phases Of Pegging Men Into Submission Phase 5 – 7

In my last post, I revealed how a couple follows a process of phases that result in the pair welcoming sexual pegging into their sex life from how the seed of influence is planted to how the seed blossoms as the couple ventures further.

I ended that post after covering the four casual phases of pegging with a message at the end claiming there is another 3 phases considered to be the extream acts of pegging men into submission.

I revealed how they revolved around cross-dressing, chastity and a paradigm shift claiming if a couple reaches phase 7 then their sex life may only revolve around pegging sex going forward at the cost of them both no longer engaging in vanilla sex anymore.

Now I’m going to cover these phases to further explain how a couple reaches phase 7 in the structure of a process.

However, before you continue reading I suggest reading about phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 by clicking here to better understand the casual phases if you haven’t already so you’re up-to-date with this post.

Let’s begin.

Phase 5 Dolling Up With Cross-Dressing

Phase 5 revolves around cross-dressing, discovering a fetish for female clothing and developing feminine feelings from cross-dressing before or in the process of being pegged.

This starts with the female lover proposes the idea of their man cross-dressing beginning by offering their lover a pair of panties to wear as a light way of breaking their man into cross-dressing.

When the offer is accepted males respond in two ways with one wearing panties feeling an immediate rush of excitement while the other feels uncomfortable and dismissive.

The male who loves the feel of silk panties pressed tightly against them starts to develop a fetish as they make the man feel submissive, feminine and naughty.

Other males who don’t like wearing silk panties experience the feeling of being out of place, feeling wrong and very uncomfortable with a strong desire to immediately remove them.

Intense Feminine Feelings Developing From Panties

The males who do develop a fetish for wearing female panties soon wants to experiment more with female clothing. So the idea of wearing pantyhose or stockings is brought up and acted on leading to female shoes also being proposed at a later date such as high heels.

Very soon the male party is wearing panties, a bra, stockings and high heels when they engage in their pegging sessions.

This not only leads to crossdressing becoming the norm during pegging sessions but also the male developing a strong desire to start removing their body hair the more they cross-dress.

The reason for this is due to the male experiencing a strong need to be more feminine and having hairy legs while wearing pantyhose/stockings reminds them of their masculinity which in effect prevents them from feeling feminine.

So they soon start shaving their body bare making it a new standard and allot of them even start using products that soften their skin like baby johnsons, for example.

As time progresses, the male party becomes accustomed to dressing casually like a woman before he is pegged which eventually leads to the male or female party proposing the idea of going all the way.

Going all the way from wearing miniskirts, tight t-shirts, wigs and even applying makeup which only increases their feelings of feeling feminine when in submission to a pegging partner.

With the need to feel more feminine the male party accepts going all the way where he is not only dominated like a woman but is also dressing like one as a full-blown cross-dresser during sexual sessions now ending phase 5.

Phase 6 The Introduction Of a Chasity Device

By this point, the male party has very little interest in being dominant over his female party and now wishes to remain in the submissive feminine role when engaging in sexual acts.

However, there is a problem. These feminine feelings all disappear after the man unloads after each session which would be his purge drawback that doesn’t go unnoticed by his female lover.

The solution to prevent this becomes a chastity device so the female can now control her man further targeting his orgasm pleasure where it now becomes forbidden to experience after a session of pegging or after any sexual session for that matter.

Taking Over the Male Orgasm With Chastity

Chasity devices are sexual accessories belonging to bondage intended to offer sexual couples the power to control their partner’s sexual release regarding their orgasm as they become the keyholder.

Female parties who want to ensure their male party doesn’t lose their feminine feelings from purging propose the idea of chastity claiming it will prevent the purge of losing all their feminine feelings.

Males usually accept to be subjected to chastity without a second thought upon the offer to not only test the waters but to also hand over control to their woman for their own sexual gratification which revolves around reaping the pleasure of submitting to female authority.

So soon a chastity device is ordered online usually a plastic one at first, and once it arrives the male party is now subjected to losing his control over his orgasm.

This results in his feminine feelings increasing while he becomes hornier due to him no longer having the right to orgasm after the female party has had her way with him.

With the right to orgasm lost the roles of permanent gender roles changing between the couple is soon to manifest but not before the male lover learns of a new way to orgasm while in chastity.

A new way called the ruined orgasm which is the influence that causes the paradigm shift between a couple as males learns to release while being pegged or by women using a vibrator on them.

Phase 7 The Paradigm Shift

With the male party now locked up in chastity, maintaining a feminine appearance and dressing as a woman while being pegged by his female party he is as close as he’ll ever get to experiencing sex in the feminine role.

All that remains is developing the male to have the ability to unload while in chastity so he experiences a ruined orgasm.

This is achieved from a male being subjected to prevented sexual release causing a male to feel sexually deprived resulting in a built up to an orgasm while locked.

However, this still doesn’t guarantee the man will unload in a chastity device without more influences included and these influences blossom from his female lover employing one of two activities.

Activity one is to consistently peg her man while being ruthless in not allowing him to release after their sessions which will force a man to eventually release while trapped in chastity from being intensely horny.

Activity two is a woman using a powerful vibrator on her lover like the magic wand, placing it over the chastity device and around the ball sack to cause intense vibrations that will influence and cause a ruined orgasm to happen.

Regardless of the activity, the male will eventually unload while locked from pegging or from having a vibrator used on him and from this moment on he will now experience a paradigm shift which changes him sexually.

The Ruined Orgasm Effects On a Couple

Once a male has achieved the ability to experience a ruined orgasm while being pegged in chastity or by having a vibrator used on him these orgasms become more frequent to the point where every time they’re pegged they will experience a ruined orgasm within every session.

From here vanilla sex is no longer engaged in between the couple due to the female lover no longer having an interest in sleeping with her partner the vanilla way because pegging sex is how they now sexually interact with their man full-time.

The female lover is also often cheating on her man at this point going out sleeping with men she finds attractive the vanilla way while returning home to dominate her man with her strict rules enforced.

To conclude, the couple who reaches this stage now has a sex life that revolves around oral sex and pegging with their sexual sessions revolving around the female wants and needs being more important.

So her male lover has no option but to accept these terms for as long as they’re in a relationship together.

Final Thoughts

Most couples into pegging never reach phase 7 or pass the point of phase 5. They usually stop at phase 4 and continue a healthy relationship the vanilla way with pegging being nothing but a sexual act they engage in to spice up their sex life from time to time.

However, some couples do but to my knowledge, it’s in phase 5 where most pull the plug to go any further where a man accepts or declines wearing female clothing and accessories.

This being the make or break moment of the male developing a fetish for them or declining when they have no interest in cross-dressing whatsoever which stops them going any further.

Unfortunately, the couples who do continue and do reach phase 7 eventually depart ways in the long run leading to women finding another man for a vanilla sex relationship who they usually meet when they’re cheating on their man.

The male departs and goes looking for other partners who are into pegging ending their ventures together as lovers but in some cases, they still remain friends.

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Are you a man or woman who’s reached phase 7 or been close to following the extream phases of pegging?

If so, feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below. I’m sure you can reveal some naughty experiences of your own if you’re willing to share.

Women Who Like Pegging Men

In my last post, I revealed why some men are into the sexual act of pegging exposing the sexual pleasures they experience and even how submissive and dominant men prefer a different style of pegging.

Now I’m going to switch this around and reveal the women who like pegging men exposing the sexual pleasures they experience and even how submissive women compared to dominant women also have a selective preference of pegging style.

With that said…

Women Who Like Pegging Men For Pleasure

The sexual pleasures in association with pegging for women are the complete opposite to what males experience.

So if you read my last post you would know men experience pleasures such as worshipping women, obeying female authority and feeling humiliated.

For women, these pleasures are in reverse meaning the sexual pleasures they experience from pegging go as followed such as:

  • Feeling Worshipped.
  • Being dominant over males.
  • Being humiliating.

These pleasures can be experienced by performing a variety of sexual acts that revolve around pegging or the build-up to pegging between a couple.

However, the most common ways they’re experienced to my knowledge go as followed such as:

1. Securing Worship

The act of men performing oral sex on a woman is how females experience the sexual pleasure of worship.

This starts with a man pleasuring a woman downtown around her genital area later leading to a man performing oral sex through the act of rimming covering her bottom resulting in female worship.

The female worship pleasure can be achieved without the need to engage in pegging but in most cases women like men to pleasure them with oral sex before they engage in dominating their man for those of you wondering how this act is connected to pegging.

2. Securing Dominance

Females being dominant over their partner can be achieved by rimming, fingering, penetrating their man with a small hand sized dildo and by using a strap-on to penetrate their man.

These acts result in both parties now switching gender roles where the female becomes the dominator at the expense of her male lover assuming and serving the role of the submissive partner under the authority of the female party.

The end result of these acts leads to female dominance and male submission as both engage in these sexual acts together.

3. Humiliating Male lover

Females humiliating their partner can be achieved through the acts of using verbal insults, Chasity, pegging, and bondage.

All four of these acts can be employed on separate occasions or employed within one sexual session.

This offers women the ability to increase how humiliating they want to be and even the power to control how humiliated they want their male lover to feel with the variety of sexual acts women can employ per session.

Collective and Individual Pleasures

Some women may only experience one of these pleasures presented or two but then you have other women who can experience all three at the same time.

These pleasures are naturally present in some women but for others, they can develop them the more they experiment with changing gender roles in the bedroom just like men which would be the conditioning process.

To better understand this process Click Here and Read The 4 Phases Of Pegging Men Into Submission

Types of Females & preferences

As stated above pegging isn’t a sexual act only dominant women are into because submissive females can be found to engage.

The difference between the two can be found to revolve around preference of style women prefer when engaging in pegging. For example,

Submissive Women

Submissive women open minded to engaging usually perform the act to spice up their sex life when they have a partner who’s into being dominated.

These women are usually dominated by their pleasures of feeling worshiped and being humiliating so they love the oral sex build up and the humiliation pleasures pegging offers them.

However, in return for their service, they will want to be dominated by their man the vanilla way after they finish pegging their man who is usually a dominant male open to pegging.

Dominant Women

Dominant Women are more in favor of experiencing all three sexual pleasures associated with pegging with their most intense pleasure revolving around having dominance over their man making the worship and humiliation pleasures perks of the role.

These women like to tease men allot more than the submissive females with dominant women preferring to dress their partner up in female clothing and accessories and even tie them up to control their functional characteristics with bondage before they peg them

They also don’t like sleeping with men the vanilla way who they peg in most cases, but they’re open to allowing a man to perform oral sex on them which is simply for the pleasure of the female. In most cases, these are the females who cuckold men later down the line

Final Thoughts

Pegging for some women is a one time act that they will engage in with a serious sex partner but for other women, it’s a regular occurrence in their sex life and for some profession.

Profession regarding women who offer sexual services as a mistress specializing in femdom which for some women is a hobby and for others it’s a full-time job depending on their customer client base.

With pegging serving both submissive and dominant women it can be an excellent way to experiment with your sex life if you can find an open-minded partner willing to engage for a one-time deal or for a regular incorporation to spice things up.

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Are you a woman interested in pegging or have you actually engage in the act with a sexual partner?

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below explaining why you like pegging and the pleasures you experience from being the dominant sex partner.

Why Do Men Like Pegging?

The vanilla way of sex has always revolved around women assuming and serving the role of the submissive partner while men assume and serve the role of the dominant partner.

However, in the last two-decades, pegging sex has become popular among heterosexual couples causing a switch in gender roles to occur in the bedroom.

A switch where women are now assuming and serving the role of the dominant partner at the expense of subjecting their man to the role of the submissive partner as both parties engage in pegging intercourse.

This has caused many to question why do men like pegging? Well…

Why Do Men Like Pegging Sex?

To understand why do men like pegging sex you need to be aware of the sexual pleasures they experience from handing over their authority in the bedroom to their women so you can grasp why they’re so willing to submit and engage.

The three pleasures males experience go as followed such as:

  • Obedience towards female worship.
  • Submission towards female authority.
  • Humiliation.

Sexual pleasures are different for everyone on an individual level but on a collective level also as we become collective groups with shared interests.

Men interested in pegging can be found to have one of the three pleasures presented above that can be linked to almost all men into pegging sex.

The common sexual acts men and women engage in to secure these pleasures go as followed:

1. Worshipping Females  

The sexual act that allows a man to secure the worship pleasure revolves around performing oral sex by diving a woman downtown around her genital area using his tongue.

This act can then be extended to further workship a female lover by rimming her bottom and including four play to ensure the female experiences the best oral pleasure possible at the expense of her male lover worshipping her.

These acts are usually performed for pegging couples at the start of their sexual session known as the build-up process before their roles are changed as the female now takes charge.

2. Submission To Female Authority

Securing this sexual pleasure revolves around submitting to female authority which is achieved by rimming, pegging and bondage.

This is when males allow their sex partner to have full power and control over them to do as they please with their body and specifically bottom area through the acts of oral play and penetration.

So males allow their female lover to have power over them starting by allowing their lover to rim them followed by penetration using a small hand sized dildo or a strap-on in most cases to achieve this pleasure.

3. Being Humiliated

Securing the humiliated pleasure revolves around a variety of sexual acts that female lovers can employ on their mate.

Sexual acts such as taunting using verbal communication, subjecting their partners to chastity, pegging their lovers and for some couples including the act of casual bondage using accessories such as ropes and cuffs.

To my knowledge, tieing a male lover up removing all their control over their functional characteristics while being pegged by their lover seems to be the preferred choice of sexual acts couples engage in according to my research.

Collective and Individual Pleasures

The men who are into pegging may enjoy pegging sex but this doesn’t mean their motives are all the same regarding the pleasures they experience from it as stated above. For example,

Some men may be dominated by the sexual pleasure of worshipping a woman while others may only be interested in being humiliated by females making them individual males.

On the other hand, other men experience all three of these pleasures associated with pegging when engaging in their sessions so these men are a collective group of males sharing the same interests.

Types Of Males & Preferences

You would think due to the pleasures associated with pegging that only men with a submissive nature would be open-minded to pegging but this would be false.

Males with a submissive nature or a dominant nature can both be found to engage in the sexual act of pegging with their differences being found in the style of pegging they prefer. For Example,

Submissive Males

Males who have a natural submissive nature usually like to be pegged while being dressed up as a woman wearing clothing and accessories such as panties, pantyhose, skirts, high heels, wigs and even makeup.

These are the type of males who have very little interest in dominating a woman the vanilla way so they prefer their female lover to dominate them for the most part of their sex life. On the other hand…

Dominant Males 

You have dominant males who won’t dress up like a woman at all or at the minimum they may allow a woman to apply a short mini skirt onto them before they peg the man but shortly after being pegged the dominant male will want to return the favor.

So they perform oral sex on the woman who pegged them leading to vanilla sex and anal sex which would be their revenge to regain and re-establish their authority and dominance over their woman.

This style allows dominant males to switch and balance out their submissive sexual tendencies with their dominant tendencies justifying their interest in pegging as a final result.

Final Thoughts

Pegging can be a fun an interesting sexual act to engage in if you’re open-minded to reversing roles with an open-minded sex partner but it’s not for everyone.

Although, submissive men and dominant men can be found to engage in pegging there are millions of men who would never consider a woman dominating them in any way so these men instead remain loyal to performing vanilla or anal sex on women instead.

To conclude, it revolves around whatever floats your boat regardless if you naturally experience the sexual pleasures revolving around pegging or even if you develop them over a long period of time which is possible under the right circumstances.

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Are you a man with an interest in pegging and if so can you relate to the sexual pleasures displayed above?

Feel free to share your thoughts and even experience if you’ve actually been pegged in the comment section below and share your stories with the audience.

The 4 Phases of Pegging Men into Submission

Engaging in the sexual act of pegging is a great way to spice up your sex life for those who are open-minded to switching gender roles for sexual fun but in most cases, this doesn’t happen overnight.

In fact, there are four phases a couple naturally go through before they make pegging a norm in their sex life where it becomes a regular occurrence just like vanilla sex.

From researching and even speaking with men and women (actual friends) who are into pegging I can now reveal in detail how they got started covering the common practices they engage in behind the scenes.

With that said, below you will learn how simply having fun with oral sex can lead to switching gender roles from the moment you plant the seed of influence to the end game resulting in the blossoming effects.

Phase 1 Oral and Booty Play

Phase one starts with a man going down on his woman to perform oral sex who discovers he has a strong sexual pleasure for worshipping a woman while his female party discovers she has a strong sexual pleasure for feeling worshipped by her man.

This results in the two parties making oral sex a common practice between their sexual sessions that is engaged in every time they get naughty together so they can fulfill their pleasures. However…

As time progresses, the woman soon want’s to feel even more worshipped so the parties discuss and consider another sexual act revolving around anal play to spice up their activity.

So instead of having her male party workship her genital area the female party now wants her man to workship her bottom calling for the sexual act of rimming to come into practice.

The Blossoming Effect

After the male party performs oral sex vanilla style and anal style for a few months his female party starts to develop new sexual pleasures where before she loved feeling worshipped but now she’s developing a sense of power and dominance over her man with the female now wanting more control.

At the same time, her man is developing a sense of sexual obedience to fulfill her with as much pleasure as possible.

This leads to the woman looking for others way to further assert her new pleasures for power and authority and the conclusion becomes the woman rimming her man.

Phase 2 Penetration and The First Sex Toy

After a few weeks of a woman rimming her man she starts to develop thoughts of penetrating him using her fingers.

With her man already willing to allow his woman to rim him the woman grows more confident in acting on her penetrating intentions.

So out of the blue in the process of rimming, the female party starts using her little finger to penetrate her man to slowly break him into penetration and to test him.

At first, the man is in shock that his woman is fingering him but quickly develops a sense of pleasure out of it which only grows during each session.

With the man allowing his woman to use her finger on him, she soon starts using two at one time and then three to further play with the man downtown and to make him accustomed to having large objects penetrating him.

The man being penetrated becomes the norm during their sexual sessions and it isn’t long until he wants something longer and thicker calling for a sex toy to be introduced and used.

The Point Of No Return 

Women have their own collection of toys so usually, they use them on their man at this point starting with a small dildo or as an alternative if they don’t have the right toys they buy one online.

The average dildo size they use at first is around 6 inches long applied with lube to make penetration less painful and to further break their man into the role of the submissive partner going forward.

By this point, the man has changed where before he was the dominator but now he has developed a sexual attraction towards being submissive from time to time.

The woman was once only into being dominated but her desire to feel empowered and dominant over her man has changed her. Now both parties have discovered new pleasures they want to experiment with together.

Phase 3 The Female Strap-on

As the month’s pass by with the female party rimming, fingering and using a dildo on her male party pretty soon the female feels a need to be more dominant and now humiliating so she or her man proposes the idea of bringing a strap-on to their bedroom sessions.

It’s usually women who propose the idea of a strap-on being used and when they address the idea to their male party it’s accepted without question in most cases due to the excitement of being dominated further only growing stronger at this point.

If the man does propose the idea of using a strap-on women in most cases jump at the chance to further assert their authority over their man who is now becoming more submissive with each session.

The Order, Delivery, And Sessions

With an agreement to buy a strap-on in place the couple go online to search for strap-ons and usually the couple buys more than one buying a small sized strap-on that could be 6 inches long and a large strap-on usually measuring 9 inches which is also thicker in size.

Once delivered the couple are eager to get started with their first pegging session so the woman applies her strap-on while her man assumes his position doggy style. When getting started the woman rims her man or uses lube and begins her new role of dominating her man the way a man would dominate a woman the vanilla way.

Usually, after the first session, the deal is sealed for both parties as the pleasures of dominating and humiliating grows stronger for the female party and the pleasures of feeling submissive and humiliated grows stronger for the male party. Now pegging and vanilla sex becomes the norm for the two parties sex life.

Phase 4 Bondage

After pegging for a couple of months the female soon feels an even greater need of wanting to feel more dominant and humiliating with her now wanting absolute control over her man at this point.

The male party is also developing stronger urges to feel even less in control and more submissive.

So the two now start discussing further ways to increase the control and dominance of the female party at the cost of submitting the male party to the absolute authority of the female.

The conclusion becomes bondage application where the woman now wants to cuff her man up or tie him up with bondage ropes to control all his functional characteristics now placing him at the mercy of how rough she wants to be with him during their pegging session.

The New Toys Securing Control And Submission

After searching online for a bondage kit a woman purchases items such as ropes, cuffs, dog collar chain, whips and in some cases a mascarade mask. After the purchase is complete the couple now wait for their new toys to arrive.

Once the new toys come in the mail the couple prepares for their pegging session with the woman placing the dog collar chain around the male parties neck, cuffs to his hands and feet or ropes and depending on how the couple wants their session to unfold some women use a whip on their man while wearing a mascarade mask before they begin pegging.

At this stage, the man is completely under the control of his female party with her now in control of all his functional characteristics. Now the woman can dominate her man in any style she want’s such as doggy, Butterfly, Amazon, spoon and even have her man ride her strap-on cowgirl style etc.

From here, both are now obsessed and largely invested into pegging which becomes apart of their sex life for good for as long as they’re together.

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Final Thoughts

These are the four phases a couple naturally goes through when they welcome pegging into their sex life and by phase 4 the sexual act of pegging becomes the norm between the pair now performed just as much as the couple engages in vanilla sex. However…

There are another 3 phases that are considered to be the extream side to pegging. These phases revolve around cross-dressing, applying chastity to control sexual orgasms and then the paradigm shift where both change their roles in the bedroom full-time.

The couple that reaches the final phase can expect to change gender roles for good where the man becomes the submissive woman in the bedroom and the woman becomes the dominant partner full-time with vanilla sex no longer occurring between the two.

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Are you a woman, man or a couple interested in pegging or do you already engage in the sexual act with your partner? If so, feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below and even how you first got involved with pegging.

Also, if you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment or contact me by email and I’ll be more then happy to help you out.