Meet Transgender Women For a Date

Over the past seven years since around 2010 Transgender people have become popular in the Media usually when social politics are being discussed.

Due to this, it’s made transgender people appear like millions of them exist internationally but the reality is transgender people regardless if they’re MTF or FTM are actually very rare.

In fact, they don’t even make up 1% of the world population as a collective.

However, even with such a rare limited population, many people want to associate with them as friends, friends with benefits or even lovers they want to date but don’t know where to find transgender people to break the ice and establish some common ground.

This is where I come in.

Meet Transgender Women at Events or on Platforms

The best place to meet transgender people in the past and even today is at community events that serve the audience of transgenders.

This could be at nightclubs hosting transgender events or events like the LGBT parades where open-minded people can be found.

On the other hand, a second alternative would be online communities where you can network with transgenders to establish some common ground with them that can later lead to a link up between two parties.

Unfortunately, finding the right community website is difficult because a lot of the creators of these platforms try and charge hidden fees like charging £1.00 to simply see photos even when you’re a premium member meaning they’re trying to exploit you with upsells.

Fortunately, they’re not all like this so finding the platforms that are legit and straightforward is one of the best ways to reach out and make transgender connections.

Meet Transgender Women With No Upsells Attached

So after researching a few websites such as,, and even etc. I can confirm that the best so far would be

The reason being is because I’ve set up accounts on all three of these platforms and I have networked with a few transgender women from a variety of regions.

In my experience, is by far the best option when you’re looking to network and when you’re looking to secure dates moving forward.

The others seem to use dating as a way to draw new members in for the purpose of having them pay for webcam shows which isn’t what I want to promote to my audience here because it doesn’t help you make connections which is my intention.

I will be researching more websites going forward to provide you with the best platforms online so bare with me and expect this page to be updated going forward.




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