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Hi, folks, my name is Sam and I’m the owner and administrator of Embracesexualfreedom.com welcome to my website. Get to know about me.

Since first experiencing my hormones in the early stages of teenagehood I’ve always found myself fascinated by sexual interaction as a sexual being.

This led me to sexually interacting with girls and then onto women but then onto research and experimenting as time went by.

My research over the years has covered both male and female sexual fantasies and fetishes opening my eyes to just how sexual we are as a species and of course naughty.

I’ve ventured into nearly all the categories you can think of revolving around sexual interactions covering fetishes no matter how common or nasty as some would put it and now I find myself well informed and even experienced in many areas.

I’ve accumulated knowledge and experience that can serve an audience who share the same interests as me which is why…

I Want To Help You

I love researching and experimenting with sexual acts and the idea of presenting content that can teach an audience how to spice up their sex life regardless if it’s self-service or receiving sexual service I have many proposals to offer.

I also have a lot of research and some experience of using sex toys that can serve anyone looking for the top quality products on the markets which could be related to toys or even supplements etc.

My knowledge and experience are what I want to share with you in the attempt to help you embrace your sexual freedom regardless of what fetish you have it should be embraced and not be considered a crime.

Anyway, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and even feel free to share these contents with your social media channels.



Founder of Embracesexualfreedom.com

Email: Sam@embracesexualfreedom.com

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