Meet Transgender Women For a Date

Over the past seven years since around 2010 Transgender people have become popular in the Media usually when social politics are being discussed. Due to this, it’s made transgender people appear like millions of them exist internationally but the reality is transgender people regardless if they’re MTF or FTM are actually very rare. In fact, […]

Why Do Straight Guys Like Shemales?

Shemales also known as transgender women have become hugely popular in recent years leaving many to question why do straight guys like shemales? A strong indicator signaling the rise in popularity for transgender women can be found with the obvious interest in shemale porn found on pornographic websites. Shemale porn where you can expect to […]

The Extream Phases Of Pegging Men Into Submission Phase 5 – 7

In my last post, I revealed how a couple follows a process of phases that result in the pair welcoming sexual pegging into their sex life from how the seed of influence is planted to how the seed blossoms as the couple ventures further. I ended that post after covering the four casual phases of […]