Do Women Like Overly Small Sized Men?

The average size of most man downtown is considered to be 6 inches when erected but for some men they can reach a size up to 11 inches and any size in between. However…

Other men in the world don’t even reach 6 inches with some having sizes as small as 1 inch or 3 inches when fully erected causing these types of males to suffer from many distresses in life when it comes to being sexual with women.

They often question does size really matter to women? and in my last post, I covered this question in detail revealing how women work by being apart of collective groups when it comes to sexual preferences. Read that post here.

With that said…

What Do Women Think About Overly Small Sized Men?

Sadly most women do find overly small size men unattractive because 1 inch or 3 inches is too small to satisfy any woman at this length but on the other hand, there are groups of women who actually find it sexually amusing which in effect causes them to develop a fetish for small-sized men which makes them attractive to these women.

These specific group of women are usually dominant females who are into sexual acts such as pegging or cuckolding with their main sexual excitement coming from humiliating their partner by being more dominant than them in the bedroom on their own or with a third party.

Pegging and Cuckolding Fetishes Explained

Pegging is the sexual act where a female likes to assume and serve the role of the dominant partner at the cost of her man assuming and serving the role of the submissive partner in the bedroom.

In the act, the female uses sex toys on her partner such as dildos and strap-ons to penetrate him in a variety of positions with the source of her pleasure coming from her need to feel dominant and humiliating.

The male pleasure associated with pegging is sourced from feeling submissive and being humiliated by a dominant woman now at her mercy.

Cuckolding, on the other hand, is the fetish where a man enjoys seeing his girlfriend, wife or any woman being dominated by another man in the bedroom while he gets to watch and even play with himself in the process if he’s not subjected to chastity.

The pleasure associated with this sexual act is based around humiliation for both the male and the female where the man usually likes to feel inadequate and humiliated while the woman loves to feel empowered and in charge of her willing audience member who she loves humiliating.

Men with overly small sized erections are who these specific groups of women like to target for pegging and cuckolding purposes because these women love to laugh at how small the manhood is on specific men with small erections.

So when you question do women like overly small sized men specific groups of women do but you must understand these women don’t like these men because they want to be dominated by them they simply want to feel empowered by dominating and humiliating them for their own sexual purposes and pleasures.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Are you a woman who belongs to this specific group of women? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and reveal why small size men turn you on or why you’re into pegging and cuckolding to voice your opinion.

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