Does Size Matter For Women?

Males as a collective have many questions they would like to address to women and the most common and most insecure question men like to direct is does size matter for women?

The average size of most men downtown is considered to be 6 inches but for some men, they can erect to a size hitting 11 inches and anywhere in between.

Now males being competitive can leave many of them feeling insecure when being sexual with females when they’re aware that some men are naturally bigger leaving many of them to question does size matter for women or is this just in their head?

From my primary and secondary research I’ve conducted I have found the conclusion to this question and to be frank it isn’t a simple yes or no answer. With that said…

Does Size Matter For Women?

To understand does size matter for women you need to first realize that women are not the same product made up of the same ingredients when it comes to sexual preferences as a collective. You see…

Females as a collective are not the same they’re individuals who have their own sexual preferences with some they share with one another and others they don’t which in effect creates groups of women sharing the same interests and others who are the complete opposites.

This means size may matter for some women as a collective group but to other collective groups of women, it means nothing because it’s not a priority they consider when fantasizing about their perfect sexual partner.

For example, 

Some women may find a man well build or buff as it’s sometimes called as their ideal sexual partner but then you have women who hate muscles on men preferring skinny men or the average size man as their sexual preference.

This separates their individual preferences into groups of collectives that make up their sexual preferences.

So it always falls down to whatever floats your boat in what you consider physically attractive and exciting about a potential sexual partner individually. But…

The Warfare On Preferences But Also Common Agreement

When two groups who share different beliefs meet and discuss their beliefs negative warfare is ensured and with sexual preferences, this is no different.

For example

Women who don’t make men being well hung a priority when questioned does size matter for women? usually always respond with “We’re not tarts” (British upper-class slang meaning sluts) calling the group that does a collective of tarts.

This isn’t true of course with women liking it large because it’s just their preference making the usual statement against them simply a negative view of another group. However…

One fact is for certain and that is all women will agree that they do want their man to know how to use his game downtown to be considered a sexually satisfying man or you’ll just be considered a bad lay by all women’s standards. Men are no different…

Men just like women also prefer a woman who knows what she’s doing when rocking the boat because nothing kills sexual excitement more than a woman who lacks sexual experience making them a bad lay by male standards.

What does this mean? The male and female Gender are just as bad as one another when it comes to sexual preferences but one thing is for certain and that is a newly released virgin to an experienced man or woman is of no use to them when sexual satisfaction is the main priority of a sexual interaction. You need someone on your level.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Are you a woman who makes size a priority or are you a woman who thinks nothing of it? Feel free to leave a comment below and express your own opinion sharing why it’s important to you or why not.

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