What is Pegging ?

Pegging is the sexual act where a woman dominants her man using a strap-on as she assumes and serves the role of the dominant sex partner at the cost of her man assuming and serving the role of the submissive partner.

In short, it’s when male and female parties reverse their roles for the fulfillment of sexual pleasures.

What Are The Sexual Pleasures?

The sexual pleasures associated with the female interested in pegging is found to be for the purpose of dominance and humiliation and for her male party, the purpose is to feel submissive and humiliated in the process of being pegged by his woman.

How Does Pegging Come to Question?

There are four ways the idea of pegging is proposed and executed between two parties by intention or by mistake such as:

  • Male parties propose the idea to their girlfriend or wife.
  • Female parties employ sexual manipulation tactics that lead up to pegging.
  • Males find pegging porn online and are discovered by their female party.
  • Male and female parties use hook-up sites or websites providing mistress/femdom services.

More ways do exist on how pegging is introduced but these are the four most common ways pegging is proposed between two parties.

With that said, how do these proposals work from start to finish regarding their processes behind the scenes? Well…

Proposal 1: Spicing Up Your Sex Life Indirectly

Proposing the idea of pegging to a girlfriend is not an easy task because most men are scared to reveal their submissive fantasy to the women they love.

Due to this most men wait until they become comfortable around their girlfriends before proposing the idea of pegging.

In most cases, it’s usually proposed after six-months of going at it like rabbits or after a few years of being with their girlfriend but even then they don’t usually propose their intention directly. You see…

The Indirect Proposal 

This cycle starts indirectly with the man dropping hints such as laughing at the idea of being penetrated or revealing dominant acts from women turn them on to their girlfriend.

This is to plant a seed in their girlfriends head without the man embarrassing himself if his girlfriend finds the idea repulsive upon revealing his secret fantasy slowly.

Women are smart so they usually catch on to these hints and in no time if the idea is appealing to them they start dropping hints themselves like saying “I would dominate you if you were open to it”.

The Blossoming Effect

This leads to a casual conversation between the two parties now discussing pegging which is brief at first, but in no time the girlfriend on average becomes more direct with her openly saying something like “Pegging seems like fun to me” frequently in between sex sessions or before the rush of getting naughty together.

This builds the boyfriends confidence and soon the two talk dirty about pegging and shortly after the female is dominating her man in the bedroom as the final result. Now their sex life is spicing up between the two through the act of pegging.

Proposal 2: Playing Chess Secretly For Long Term Purposes

Some women before they get into a relationship love pegging secretly and this secret of theirs is hidden from their partner until they feel they can condition their man into accepting pegging in the long term.

These females are usually well experienced with a history of converting men to the submissive role of being dominated.

This makes them highly influential in the bedroom when they have the right practice in place and employed which would be their sexual manipulation also known as the conditioning process.

A Brief Overview Of The Conditioning Process

The manipulation starts with casual vanilla sex and oral which later leads to botty play such as acts of rimming starting with the woman being rimmed followed by her returning the favor to her man.

As time progresses the female in the process of rimming uses her little finger to penetrate her man slowly which becomes the norm of their sexual sessions and with each session, the woman starts using her bigger fingers until she eventually starts using two or three at one time.

This leads to the male becoming accustomed to being penetrated over time and soon a small dildo is introduced by the woman.

With time and sessions of a man being penetrated by a small dildo, this eventually leads to a strap-on being proposed resulting in the couple welcoming pegging into their sex life that becomes a frequent act both engage in which was the manipulative female intention all along.

Proposal 3: Pornographic Pegging Found By Mistake

Most pornographic websites don’t list pegging as one of their main categories on their main page which is why most men learn about pegging by mistake from wandering around online.

When men do come across a video of a woman dominating a man by mistake this usually influences curiosity which is why men click on the video to check it out.

At first, it’s just something new and most men click off and never return to these contents but other men find an attraction which now leads them to keep coming back consuming more of the contents as time progresses.

The Secret Attraction Towards Pegging Exposed 

If these men have a girlfriend or wife eventually they find out usually when these men forget to delete their search history or if they fall asleep while watching the contents now leaving them open to being exposed.

Two outcomes can happen, outcome one is their girlfriend/wife is repulsed by the idea of pegging or outcome two is the idea of pegging strikes an interest in them where the women become open to the sexual act of pegging.

If outcome two becomes the case women usually make a claim like “If it makes you happen then I’m game” which is really women hiding their sexual interest to the act indirectly so they can make it appear like they’re willing to engage to make their man happy when really the idea excites these women just as much.

One conversation leads to another and soon these men are being pegged by their girlfriend or wife going forward.

Proposal 4: The Pegging Intention

Some men and women in the world know they love pegging from experience or from having a strong interest for pegging.

This could be if a woman has had a boyfriend in the past she once pegged or vice versa who are no longer together but that sexual interest for pegging remains.

On the other hand, it could be men or women who have no experience with pegging but with a strong desire to find a partner willing to engage.

Regardless of their status of experience, both parties are on a mission to find a pegging mate and most of these people targets websites to secure their sexual desires with an open-minded companion.

Websites such as hook-up sites, mistress service sites or even niche websites specializing in pegging are targeted with profiles being set up for the purpose of attracting a willing mate.

With a community website found and set up, it isn’t long before these men and women find a willing mate who is local or is within reaching distance. Once two meet online, they meet up for a casual meet to build a relationship starting with their common ground being their interest in pegging.

After both parties are comfortable with one another they engage in pegging now fulfilling their sexual demand in the process of dominating or being dominated. Mission accomplished.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can experiment with pegging such as dressing the male party in female clothing such as panties, pantyhose, high heels, makeup and even wigs before you dominate your partner.

You could even include sex toys such as male and female chastity devices to control your sexual partner’s orgasms holding the key to their control and release and even bondage ropes and cuffs to control your partner’s functional characteristics.

So if pegging is a sexual act that does float your boat then you can have a lot of fun with it going forward.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Are you a woman or man who has experience with pegging or does the thought of pegging sound like a sexual act you would welcome into your sex life?

If so, share your pegging experience in the comment section below or even reveal your fantasy and voice your thoughts to share with the audience.

Do Women Like Overly Small Sized Men?

The average size of most man downtown is considered to be 6 inches when erected but for some men they can reach a size up to 11 inches and any size in between. However…

Other men in the world don’t even reach 6 inches with some having sizes as small as 1 inch or 3 inches when fully erected causing these types of males to suffer from many distresses in life when it comes to being sexual with women.

They often question does size really matter to women? and in my last post, I covered this question in detail revealing how women work by being apart of collective groups when it comes to sexual preferences. Read that post here.

With that said…

What Do Women Think About Overly Small Sized Men?

Sadly most women do find overly small size men unattractive because 1 inch or 3 inches is too small to satisfy any woman at this length but on the other hand, there are groups of women who actually find it sexually amusing which in effect causes them to develop a fetish for small-sized men which makes them attractive to these women.

These specific group of women are usually dominant females who are into sexual acts such as pegging or cuckolding with their main sexual excitement coming from humiliating their partner by being more dominant than them in the bedroom on their own or with a third party.

Pegging and Cuckolding Fetishes Explained

Pegging is the sexual act where a female likes to assume and serve the role of the dominant partner at the cost of her man assuming and serving the role of the submissive partner in the bedroom.

In the act, the female uses sex toys on her partner such as dildos and strap-ons to penetrate him in a variety of positions with the source of her pleasure coming from her need to feel dominant and humiliating.

The male pleasure associated with pegging is sourced from feeling submissive and being humiliated by a dominant woman now at her mercy.

Cuckolding, on the other hand, is the fetish where a man enjoys seeing his girlfriend, wife or any woman being dominated by another man in the bedroom while he gets to watch and even play with himself in the process if he’s not subjected to chastity.

The pleasure associated with this sexual act is based around humiliation for both the male and the female where the man usually likes to feel inadequate and humiliated while the woman loves to feel empowered and in charge of her willing audience member who she loves humiliating.

Men with overly small sized erections are who these specific groups of women like to target for pegging and cuckolding purposes because these women love to laugh at how small the manhood is on specific men with small erections.

So when you question do women like overly small sized men specific groups of women do but you must understand these women don’t like these men because they want to be dominated by them they simply want to feel empowered by dominating and humiliating them for their own sexual purposes and pleasures.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Are you a woman who belongs to this specific group of women? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and reveal why small size men turn you on or why you’re into pegging and cuckolding to voice your opinion.

Does Size Matter For Women?

Males as a collective have many questions they would like to address to women and the most common and most insecure question men like to direct is does size matter for women?

The average size of most men downtown is considered to be 6 inches but for some men, they can erect to a size hitting 11 inches and anywhere in between.

Now males being competitive can leave many of them feeling insecure when being sexual with females when they’re aware that some men are naturally bigger leaving many of them to question does size matter for women or is this just in their head?

From my primary and secondary research I’ve conducted I have found the conclusion to this question and to be frank it isn’t a simple yes or no answer. With that said…

Does Size Matter For Women?

To understand does size matter for women you need to first realize that women are not the same product made up of the same ingredients when it comes to sexual preferences as a collective. You see…

Females as a collective are not the same they’re individuals who have their own sexual preferences with some they share with one another and others they don’t which in effect creates groups of women sharing the same interests and others who are the complete opposites.

This means size may matter for some women as a collective group but to other collective groups of women, it means nothing because it’s not a priority they consider when fantasizing about their perfect sexual partner.

For example, 

Some women may find a man well build or buff as it’s sometimes called as their ideal sexual partner but then you have women who hate muscles on men preferring skinny men or the average size man as their sexual preference.

This separates their individual preferences into groups of collectives that make up their sexual preferences.

So it always falls down to whatever floats your boat in what you consider physically attractive and exciting about a potential sexual partner individually. But…

The Warfare On Preferences But Also Common Agreement

When two groups who share different beliefs meet and discuss their beliefs negative warfare is ensured and with sexual preferences, this is no different.

For example

Women who don’t make men being well hung a priority when questioned does size matter for women? usually always respond with “We’re not tarts” (British upper-class slang meaning sluts) calling the group that does a collective of tarts.

This isn’t true of course with women liking it large because it’s just their preference making the usual statement against them simply a negative view of another group. However…

One fact is for certain and that is all women will agree that they do want their man to know how to use his game downtown to be considered a sexually satisfying man or you’ll just be considered a bad lay by all women’s standards. Men are no different…

Men just like women also prefer a woman who knows what she’s doing when rocking the boat because nothing kills sexual excitement more than a woman who lacks sexual experience making them a bad lay by male standards.

What does this mean? The male and female Gender are just as bad as one another when it comes to sexual preferences but one thing is for certain and that is a newly released virgin to an experienced man or woman is of no use to them when sexual satisfaction is the main priority of a sexual interaction. You need someone on your level.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Are you a woman who makes size a priority or are you a woman who thinks nothing of it? Feel free to leave a comment below and express your own opinion sharing why it’s important to you or why not.