Sexuality is a topic we all question at some point or another usually when we experience teenagehood once our hormones start to rage opening the door for us to become sexual creatures with our opposite sex or same sex.

Now the lion share of the world is considered to be heterosexual meaning you’re attracted to your opposite sex but then we have sexualities such as homosexuals who are attracted to the same sex and bi-sexuals who are attracted to both sexes. However…

We also have those who are bi-curious individuals who experience sexual fantasies about their same-sex who usually never act on their sexual fantasies passed a masturbation session but other bi-curious types who do act on their sexual fantasies with their same sex.

With so many sexualities out there it can leave many people confused about their sexuality especially if you experience bi-curious thoughts about your same sex gender. With that said…

I Want To Help You

Sexaulity is such a difficult subject to understand especially when you consider the many sexual fetishes out there that include males and females experimenting with each other as opposites or same-sex engagements.

It’s made even more difficult when you have people covering sexuality who are small minded and broad with their perspectives when coming to their conclusions on specific sexualities.

With that said, I will be providing contents covering all the sexualities going forward explaining how to identify your sexuality with easy to digest and bank information.

As I build this website out I will also be creating quizzes that will test you to further offer you information to help you better understand sexuality going forward.

Anyway, if you have any questions then feel free to contact me within the comment sections below my contents or even email me.




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