Spice Up Tips

The sexual energy between two parties is considered to be at its peak for the first 6-months of a relationship when both parties feel a sense of magic in the air as they engage with their sexual sessions. However…

As time progresses, casual sex doesn’t excite us as much as it once did causing the magic to die down leading to casual sex just becomes the norm between two parties.

This results in sexual partners searching for ways to spice up their sex life to find ways to bring back that magic they once felt in the beginning so after brainstorming some ideas a couple usually learns their ideas are limited on the spot.

This is a problem when you’re lost at finding effective ways to get the ball rolling again to influence that magic in the air while also learning how to maintain it with momentum to keep your sexual sessions exciting and interesting so this is where I come in.

Sexual Proposals

Regardless if you’re heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or even bi-curious I have many proposals to offer sexual couples or even singles who want to spice up their sexual pleasures.

My ideas revolve around you being open-minded to new ways on how to experiment with your sexual partner and to some extent sexuality so you can explore the deep depths of human fantasies if you’re open to them.

These are give and take ideas so if one doesn’t appear to float your boat than others might so a variety is provided to serve the many sexualities out there and also to explore the many sexual acts you can bring to your sessions if they interest you.

Anyway, if you have any questions then feel free to contact me or if you want to further investigate my ideas feel free to contact me for more details.



Email: Sam@embracesexualfreedom.com

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