Take a Shower With Your Partner

Taking a shower with your partner can be a great way for you to spice up your sex life and of course relationship by making it a regular event or an occasional event.

Regular when you shower or take a bath together at the end of the week on Friday or occasional once a month to spice up your activity to not only get clean together but also sweaty as you make your way to the bedroom later in the night.

When you take a shower with your partner not only does this bring you closer together but it also offers new excitement to your relationship with the many ways you can spice up your sexual activity together in the shower.

With that said, I want to offer you some suggestions of what you can do if you decide to take a shower with your partner covering what you can do for them in the shower and how you can actually create a romantic setting starting with a shower or a bath.

The First Time You Take a Shower With Your Partner

Most people who take a shower with their partner find themselves in this position at random. This is usually when their showering to only find their partner sneaking into their shower session which leads to sexual engagement.

Sexual engagement where two parties feel one another up, kiss, snog and even have sexual intercourse in the shower which later leads to the bedroom.

This is what I call a random event because only one partner is sneaking into their lover shower. However, after a random event like this happens with both partners happy this can become pre-planned events going forward.

Pre-planned events where you not only shower together at the end of the week or once a month to add excitement to your relationship but also before you go out on a date or a night out.

Pre-planned Events

Let’s say you and your lover are set to go out to watch a live show, go on a night out with friends or even going out for a romantic dinner for two. Before you go out you can shower or take a bath together which includes having sexual intercourse.

The first time you intercourse in the shower can be casual vanilla sex and if your lover is open-minded where they’re into anal sex, you can prepare them for a later session after you return home from your night out.

For example,

After you have sexual intercourse in the shower the vanilla way, you can then insert sex toys into your lover like butt plugs that can be inserted into the rectum of your lover or their couch. This will keep them nice and lose for penetration later on in the night and of course, make your lover horny knowing they’ll be getting some more action later on in the night.

You can even use accessories lying around the bathing area as sex toys like the shower handle, for example.

Shower handle Used For Delivering Sexual Pleasure

The shower area is like a female domain for sexual pleasure because most women pleasure themselves in the shower with their own sex toys in private.

These private sessions usually include a suction dildo that women apply to the shower wall or glass followed by bouncing on and off the suction dildo for the pleasure of being penetrated.

However, women have a secret and that is women love using their shower handle for the purpose of sexual pleasure using it as a vibrator in private.

Yes, millions of women love playing with their shower handle in the shower or the bath using it for the purpose of pressing the fast paste water against their clitoris which causes them to experience a vibration effect.

Men can learn from this and use the shower handle on their partner to deliver this effect that women love. You can use a shower handle on women in the shower and in the bath but I would recommend doing so in the bath for extra comfort if you have a shower handle that can reach low enough.

The end result of all of this will reap you excitement and a new way to spice up your sex life and relationship as you bond together in the bathing area.

An Invitation to The Hot Seat

Have you ever showered or taken a bath with your partner, if so what was your experience like and did it spice up your sex life and relationship together?

Feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience on how pleasurable it was and why you would recommend it to others.



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