Why Do Straight Guys Like Shemales?

Shemales also known as transgender women have become hugely popular in recent years leaving many to question why do straight guys like shemales?

A strong indicator signaling the rise in popularity for transgender women can be found with the obvious interest in shemale porn found on pornographic websites.

Shemale porn where you can expect to find 10s of thousands of views per scene clearly displaying a large audience is tuned in to transgender women out of curiosity or sexual interest.

In the past, this was never the case when the internet wasn’t around because shemale porn also known as tranny porn was very rare to find in porn stores back in the day.

However, since the innovation and growth of the internet the interest and the consistent growth of curiosity has grown rapidly for transgender women leading to many straight men now showing interest on a large scale internationally.

With that said.

Why Do Straight Guys Like Shemales So Much?

Males regardless if they’re heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual all have one thing in common and that is they’re all visual creatures consciously and subconsciously.

Visual in regards to the way males perceive their surroundings regardless if they’re viewing their environment or the social activity going on around them. So why do straight guys like shemales, you ask?

It’s because transgender women display visual feminine characteristics that attract male attention which could be attention where men find them physically attractive or attention where they find transgender women sexually attractive.

How the Male Mind Observes Femininity With Three Lenses

Femininity regarding character covers three areas such as physical characteristics, functional characteristics and operational characteristics making up the character traits of a female.

When straight males are viewing a passable transgender woman who displays female traits they’re seeing them through the lens of their physical characteristics at first glance and observation and men naturally see physical characteristics such as:

  • Soft skin.
  • Feminine facial features.
  • Long hair.
  • Female breasts.
  • Feminine legs.
  • Feminine bottom.
  • Feminine dress sense.

These observation intakes are what makes passable transgender women deceptive to the male mind when they’re really feminine and passable which is why they can influence aware and unaware males to perceive them as being physically or sexually attractive.

Lens 2 Perspectives: Functional Characteristics

The functional characteristics transgender women display is the second lens men naturally look through as men observe their body language making postures their main focus and this is done subconsciously at first.

They observe body language such as how transgender women sit like ankle crossing their legs which is a feminine posture and even how transgender women walk once they learn feminine behaviors over a long conditioning process.

Transgender women develop feminine postures over time from observing genetic women and from emulating genetic women.

This results in transgender women developing feminine habits that become subconsciously programmed and these habits are what males are observing and are finding attractive just like they find them attractive on genetic women.

Lens 3 Perspectives: Operational Characteristics

Operational characteristics revolve around how you’re wired reflecting how you naturally operate as an individual like how you project and promote your personality and how you naturally interact with others socially.

Feminine personalities and Masculine personalities are the complete opposite so the way males and females host their personality will reflect how they interact with others. For example,

Females when they greet one another usually hug each other to show respect but men usually shake hands. The difference in how they interact displays a huge difference in Gender personality.

Transgender women emulate women so they would hug you like an actual woman would instead of shaking your hand.

When men are in close contact with a transgender woman hugging them they will not only sense femininity from them regarding energy but they will also smell and feel femininity as soft skin is pressed against them and if these women are wearing a feminine perfume which reflects their personality.

The male mind intakes all of this when in close contact with genetic women and transgender women which is all processed in their mind determining if they like and find them attractive as a final result but…

Open Minded Males Compared To Small Minded Males

Small minded males can find transgender women attractive physically, functionally, operationally and sexually.

However, this is when they’re unaware that these transgender women are not genetic females so when they find out they lose their attraction and for some even feel repulsed with themselves.

Repulsed because they believe they’ve just considered another man attractive when they were deceived by their own visual nature of perceiving feminine traits on a transgender woman. This is the result of insecure and small-minded men. On the other hand…

The Open Minded Males

Open minded males who may be unaware at first won’t feel repulsed in any way when they do find out the women they find attractive are actually transgender.

In fact, they will actually be amazed at how a male to female transgender could be so attractive physically and sexually.

These are the types of males who are a large part of the audience viewing shemale porn online and for some the actual males who sexually engage with transgender women.

The Sexual Fetish Or Love For Transgender Women

The men into shemale porn who masturbate over shemales usually feel shame after they unload because their shemale porn interest revolves around a fetish but this shame only lasts until they get horny again so some insecurities are still present.

Other open-minded males become so attracted to transgender women that they act out on their intentions to sleep with one usually by hiring an escort but in a lot of cases fall back on actually meeting them according to shemale escorts who claim they usually keep rescheduling or some never call back.

On the other hand, you have a smaller audience of open-minded men who are obsessed with shemales where they exclusively date them who can be found on transgender dating websites or anywhere transgenders can be found to their knowledge. Oddly, these men are usually called tranny chasers but these are the men who like them the most.

Open Minded Males Sexuality

A lot of people confuse men into transgender women and shemale porn as being Homosexual or Bi-sexual.

This is usually due to a lot of people making these remarks being ignorant of what sexuality is because none of them are Homosexual in any way.

The men who masturbate over shemale porn are straight males who at times have a tendency to be bi-curious.

The men who attempt to act on their sexual interest for transgender women are the same because they’re straight but are also bi-curious who unfortunately suffer from a purge that pushes them away from exploring and experimenting with transgender women.

The men who actively pursue transgender women and exclusively date them are bi-curious but very close to being bisexual. The fact is the men in relationships with transgender women are not attracted to men they’re attracted to the female body and they believe a transgender woman is a real woman.

Their bicurious tendency is present due to their partner having male genitals but this still doesn’t make them homosexual because they would never consider dating another man who is not transgender and feminine so their interest in the male genitals being present is simply due to a fetish they have.

An Invitation To The Hot Seat

Have you ever experimented with a transgender woman or are you a transgender woman who was curious to know why straight males like you?

Feel free to share your thoughts about this post and your own experiences in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Straight Guys Like Shemales?

    1. This is usually due to many believing transgender women are still men below the surface. To my knowledge, it’s very rare to find any man interested in transgender women for dating purposes or men interested in shemales for fap purposes who have the slightest bit of interest in actual men sexually

      The truth is most men who date transgender women do so out of curiosity to see if the grass really is greener on the other side or to experience the best of both worlds as some put it.

      The reason most men fap over shemale porn is due to shemales having feminine characteristics like female bodies just like genetic women and all straight men love visual femininity because we’re visual creatures by nature which is why it’s so easy to find yourself fapping over shemale porn.

      The only problem with fapping over shemale porn for most men is many purge right after they unload which causes them to feel guilt, embarrassment and for many to start questioning their own sexuality.

      This guilt, embarrassment, and questioning soon stops once they become horny again because, in reality, they’re straight males who have a tendency to be bi-curious when horny or for a rare few they have a fetish for seeing male genitals attached to the female body. CWD fever as it’s called.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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